Jetboard Joust: Next-Generation Retro
Record-Breaking Retrogaming Sequel Revealed
Bath, UK. 30th October 2019.

are proud to announce 'Jetboard Joust' - an intense, old-school, arcade-style SHMUP in which you must master a vast array of ridiculous weaponry in order to defeat a race of aliens intent on abducting your babies and turning them into mutants.

Jetboard Joust is the sequel to the 1989 Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad title 'Skateboard Joust', making it arguably the world record holder for the longest time between a videogame and its sequel (the current record is 28 years between Wasteland and its sequel, Wasteland 2).

'I wanted to create an homage to the arcade games I grew up playing in the 80s, particularly 'Defender' and its sequels.' says programmer and artist James Closs - 'My aim with Jetboard Joust was to recreate how those gameplay experiences felt to me as a child, which is an extremely 'amped up' version of what they actually were!'

The venerable side-scrolling SHMUP has, sadly, fallen somewhat out of favour of late.' he continues 'So I've tried to combine the best aspects of the genre with the character-based/roguelike elements of top-down shooters like Nuclear Throne and Enter The Gungeon.'

Jetboard Joust features visceral 60fps action, multi-stage boss fights, gorgeous pixel art and stunning particle effects. Its uniquely gritty audio was created entirely using analog synthesizers.

Jetboard Joust is set for a Spring 2020 release on Steam for PC and MacOS, closely followed by a port to Nintendo Switch and (hopefully) other formats.

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